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Improve Your Reading Speed 如何提高你的阅读能力

The title of this article might sound daunting to many especially if English is your second language but I promise you it is easier than you think. There are many ways you can improve your comprehension and become a fast reader. Bellow are some tips, but please remember “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. If you want to improve you must practice and it will take time.


1). Location is very important, It is a good Idea to find a place where there are no interruptions or distractions.

2). Check your current reading speed, use a timer to calculate your current reading speed. In order to Improve you must know what to improve on or have a goal so If it takes you 10 minutes to read 200 words you should set goal to 200 words in 5 minutes and when you reach this target you can move on to 200 words in 2.30seconds.

3). Comprehension/Choose the right book, It is very important that you read books that are the right level for your English. If you have the right book, you will understand more words and be able to move on to the next sentence and page quicker otherwise your brain will spend more time trying to understand words you don’t know.

How do you know your level?
Books are divided into genre, themes and age group.

Genre: Type of books history, biography, fiction, art etc.

Theme: The message that we receive from reading the book, Friendship, bravery, love, tragedy

Age Group: Books are written with a particular age group in mind so that each age group can read what is suitable for them.

  • Toddlers/Preschoolers (up to age 3), Picture books with bright colors and simple text.
  • Nursery School and Kindergarten (3-5 years), books with pictures and brief text about things know.
  • Beginning Readers (6-8 years), picture books with  simple words, short sentences with character and story development.
  • Young Adults/ Tween (9-12 years), mostly fiction action or adventure with strong focuses on the characters. Stories based around relationship building and personal growth.
  • Teens (13-19), books about social struggles or adolescence and social behavior.
  • Adults (20+), limitless books, mostly novels, how to (learn a new skill), biographies,

Example: The genre of Harry Potter is fantasy/ mystery, the theme is coming of age, friendship and bravery. It is for young-adults and Teens.

Preview the material, Look very carefully at the title or heading before you start reading because this will give you clues about the book, article or essay.

5). Focus on the key words in a single line of text at a time, don’t try to understand everything at once.

6). Practice, the best way to improve is through practice.

8).Don’t read out loud! If you are trying to improve your reading speed try not to read out loud because it will slow you down, when we read out loud we see- process, talk- process, hear- process. This means that our brain is taking time to process all these information and seeing, hearing and listening takes time. However when we read quietly we simply see and process.








    成人(20 +),无数种类的书,大多是小说,教人如何学习一门新技能或人物传记.







 Increase your reading speed

Improve your Vocabulary

Reading Speed, Spelling, and Vocabulary




Translation by Liao Li Ping

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