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The Modern Toilet Restaurant Shenzhen / 深圳马桶餐厅

You may notice the photographs for this review are a little better than usual. Borrowing a better camera with which to take these unusual pictures was definitely justified. This is no ordinary restaurant. Oh no. This is a trendy (debatable) Taiwanese chain of restaurants beginning to appear down south (no puns intended) within China and Hong Kong decked out with toilet-themed seats, menus and fittings. The toilets in question come in both Western and Eastern varieties so you needn’t feel left out if you favour a squatter over the fore-mentioned throne. Watch this space, you could yet be seeing them scattered all over your city and I think one in London would be oh so fun also.

Something about spending Boxing Day on the toilet just felt right.
Cheapish food at one of the busiest streets in town so not much to complain about. Friendly, playful staff (one put a turd-shaped cushion on my head so that my partner could take a photograph) and clean, newly furnished interior. There are two floors to this restaurant – a second floor with windows out onto busy Dongmen Commercial Street and a third floor larger dining space without windows. Better restaurants around but a novel and different, comical dining experience.
Bring in a camera for copious picture opportunities to brighten up your ‘facespace’ or whatever …
It all left me thinking, what were the toilets like?



Favorite Dish: Udon noodles with fried pork steak or the pork with rice and vegetables were both good and proportionally inexpensive for the district.
Icecreams, smoothies and shakes also available.

Address: Jiefang Lu

Comparison: less expensive than average

Directions: Jiefang Lu 1004 Dongmen Buxing (Laojie Metro Station),
by foot, close to Dongmen Middle Road, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

Price: less than US$10

Rating: 3/5