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Chinese corner: Beijing Opera face painting

This Spring a group of students from the Prince of Songkla University in Thailand visited Ganzhou city and lived on campus at JUST on a Chinese language programme.

As part of an initiative to promote Chinese culture, the Faculty of Foreign Studies held a special Chinese Corner* based on the masks of the Beijing Opera. More accurately translated as “types of facial makeup”, the different markings of a face, or ‘mask’, indicate the character, their role in their play and are of vital importance to Beijing Opera along with costume and gestures.

If you are interested in this article then read the review of ‘King of Masks’, a fantastic film on face-changing; a special kind of skill within Chinese theatre, unique to Sichuan.

The university invited the foreign teachers to come and learn a bit more about the different masks and facial painting. I was unsure about having the face paint applied to my own face but jumped at the chance to try it out on a student

Here’s some of the results!

What do you know about any of these masks? Can you add some information and insight? Please use the comments box below!

* English corner is a popular extra curricular activity across schools, college and universities in China. Students are encouraged to form English-speaking environments and will talk on a subject over the duration, usually in an outdoor area or place which breaks down student teacher, or eastern/western boundries.

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A Visit To The Ganzhou Shahe Wulonggou, Hakka Park/ 赣州市沙河五龙客家风情园


Competition: Famous Landmark

Each class was asked to pick a famous international tourist destination and to design, plan, build a miniature model of the landmark. The materials used for the actual model had to be recycled and the landmark recognisable. Bellow are pictures of the participants and event which was held at Jiangxi University of Science and Technology Located in Ganzhou City.



Wednesday Class 1:

First Place: The Brandenburg Gate in Germany

Second Place: Eiffel Tower in France


Wednesday Class 2:

First Place: The Parthenon in Greece

Second Place: Mount Fuji in Japan

Wednesday Class 3:

First Place: The Taj Mahal in India

Second Place: Tower Bridge


Thursday Class 4:


First Place: The Leaning Tower of Pisa

Second Place: Saint Basil's Cathedral


Friday Class 1:



Bellow are the pictures from all the classes that took part in this Competition.




The gate of Fort Santiago in Intramuros, Manila

On our second day in Manila we woke up early and made our way to the walled city of Intramuros (meaning: within the walls) which is one of the oldest, historical and protected parts of Manila, It was at one point home to the Spanish government during the Spanish colonial period. Outside the wall was known as extramuros (meaning: outside the walls). Arriving there one of the very first places we saw was the very impressive Manila cathedral after which we headed directly to the walled city to see the gate of Fort Santiago which had gone through a lot of reconstructed after nearly being completely destroyed in World War II. There’s a museum which was home to a Spanish governing officer, the old theatre and guard post towards the end near the river. Thought it is worth visiting, I suggest that you only go if you are really interested in colonial history, an architecture enthusiast or if you have some extra time/or a day to spare and like walking. The place is vast and tiring, you can hire a horse and carriage or go for the White Knight Electric Chariot Tours. My friend and I walked and explored both the inner and outer walled area, there are some great restaurants and museums dotted around. At one point I even ended up skating with some local kids and in a wedding inside San Agustin Church.


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The Young, The Old and The Fashionable

Spring is finally here and everybody is out and about. Here’s a few pictures from in and out of Ganzhou.

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A Hakka Themed Birthday

As a foreigner planning something in China is a little like putting together a scientific experiment in a lab. You never know how it’s going to turn out and just when you think everything is going well, it can all go bad.

With John’s birthday coming up I wanted everything planned to perfection not just because it was another birthday spent away from family and friends but also because I have a tendency to go nuts when things go wrong. So for both our sakes planning was essential. I had spent about a week putting everything together so that there would be a bit of traveling, sightseeing, history and of course the all important birthday surprise dinner.



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