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Chinese corner: Beijing Opera face painting

This Spring a group of students from the Prince of Songkla University in Thailand visited Ganzhou city and lived on campus at JUST on a Chinese language programme.

As part of an initiative to promote Chinese culture, the Faculty of Foreign Studies held a special Chinese Corner* based on the masks of the Beijing Opera. More accurately translated as “types of facial makeup”, the different markings of a face, or ‘mask’, indicate the character, their role in their play and are of vital importance to Beijing Opera along with costume and gestures.

If you are interested in this article then read the review of ‘King of Masks’, a fantastic film on face-changing; a special kind of skill within Chinese theatre, unique to Sichuan.

The university invited the foreign teachers to come and learn a bit more about the different masks and facial painting. I was unsure about having the face paint applied to my own face but jumped at the chance to try it out on a student

Here’s some of the results!

What do you know about any of these masks? Can you add some information and insight? Please use the comments box below!

* English corner is a popular extra curricular activity across schools, college and universities in China. Students are encouraged to form English-speaking environments and will talk on a subject over the duration, usually in an outdoor area or place which breaks down student teacher, or eastern/western boundries.

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A Visit To The Ganzhou Shahe Wulonggou, Hakka Park/ 赣州市沙河五龙客家风情园


Competition: Famous Landmark

Each class was asked to pick a famous international tourist destination and to design, plan, build a miniature model of the landmark. The materials used for the actual model had to be recycled and the landmark recognisable. Bellow are pictures of the participants and event which was held at Jiangxi University of Science and Technology Located in Ganzhou City.



Wednesday Class 1:

First Place: The Brandenburg Gate in Germany

Second Place: Eiffel Tower in France


Wednesday Class 2:

First Place: The Parthenon in Greece

Second Place: Mount Fuji in Japan

Wednesday Class 3:

First Place: The Taj Mahal in India

Second Place: Tower Bridge


Thursday Class 4:


First Place: The Leaning Tower of Pisa

Second Place: Saint Basil's Cathedral


Friday Class 1:



Bellow are the pictures from all the classes that took part in this Competition.


My Spring Festival by 张晏淇

Former student and Business English graduate 张晏淇 recalls this year’s Spring Festival:


My name is Wayne. I graduated from HuangHuai University. I remember what were my feelings clearly when I came to Zhengzhou after the graduation ceremony. Lone, helpless, unfamiliar, far from home and I started my very first steps toward finding a job.



The Chinese character 'Fu'

The city’s life is quite different from that in university. The hardness and tiredness is what I don’t like to mention. I was beat almost every day. However, thank goodness. Now I am working in a big company while my dream is coming more and more reachable and clear.



Half a year has passed by, I embraced my first sweet spring festival, which I never thought would be a luxurious festival for me since I work.



For the Snake year, I went home with my girlfriend to unwind myself from each part of my muscle. Before the Spring Festival Eve, I helped my mother to buy and store much meat , steamed buns, and vegetables naturally. For the first time, I found it meaningful. For the first time, I found my mum so beautiful with glow in her face after picking the goods.


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The 2012 Singing Competition

A few weeks ago the annual singing competition was held on Main Campus. On my birthday I went to watch and support my students. Here’s a video of English Major Class Two (second/sophomore year) singing beautifully the song 军港之夜 (Night at the Naval Port), a song about being at sea. Listen for the calming, melancholy waves of the music. I found this song eerily haunting and it stayed with me all day. They were the only group with musical accompaniment, listen out for how they tune to the piano. Class Two came second in the judges marks but they deserve special credit as I believe they should have won … … or maybe I am bias. The proof is in the listening …

几个星期前,年度歌唱比赛的主校区举行。在我的生日那天,我去观看了,并支持我的学生。这里有一个英语专业二班的视频,(第二/大二)是他们在唱一首优美的歌(军港之夜),一首关于在海上的歌。听起来平静,忧郁的音乐浪潮。我发现这首歌奇妙的地方,它的旋律一直伴随着我一整天。他们是唯一一个用乐器伴奏的班级,可以听的出他们是如何调整钢琴的。二班被评为第二名,但我相信他们应该赢得他们应得的特殊奖励… …也许这是我的偏见。你听一下就知道我为什么这么说了……

 English major, Class 3 singing their hearts out …


 Great costumes Class 1!


International Trade, Class 2


I want you to meet …

I asked the English Major second year group (class 2) to introduce me to some inspirational people. Here were some of their most interesting responses:



“This summer I read a book called If I had sight for three days which is written by Helen Keller. She described the picture of real, natural and great life. Though she is blind and deaf, she didn’t give up on herself. With the help of her teacher she made great progress and left our generation a big heritage. We are all proud of that.


Before I went home from JUST, I was going to buy a book. My friend suggested that I buy this great book. She said she learnt much from it and it may give me some inspiration and be worth reading.


I admire her persistence and talented, positive spirit.


If I could meet her, I will give her a warm hug and communicate with her about her life and her attitudes toward life. Firstly I want to let her touch the water again, because the word ‘water‘ is her first known word. Then I want to see the sunrise and sit with her.”


Written by Du Yu


Chinese poet Lǐ Qīngzhào

I would like to introduce you to Li QingZhao.


Why do you like this person? Li QingZhao is a famous composer of poetry in the Song Dynasty. She is famous as “the first talented woman” in Chinese history. She wrote many famous poems.


What is this person known for? She is known for creating poems and the theory of the poem.


How and when did you first become aware of this person? In primary school, one time, I learnt her poem so that’s when I became aware of her.


What’s your favourite thing they’ve done? Poetry. Her poems are full of patriotism and literary artistic talent.


What qualities in this person do you most admire / do you see in yourself / or are opposite from your character? She is a patriotic an talented person. She created many famous poems and made a great impression on the history of poetry. I am also patriotic and I am eager to be a talented person.


How would you treat or host your guest? Appreciate her poems and taste a cup of tea. We can take a small trip such as climbing mountains and see beautiful views.


Written by Hu YaTing


Actress, singer and hostess Xiè Nà

I would like to introduce you to Xie Na. [English name NaNa]


Why do you like this person? She went through many painful experiences but she changed all the failure and tears into the happiness which she has been passing to us on the stage and in the books she wrote. She never shows sadness, although there are tears for thanksgiving. She is over 30 years old but she still keeps active and energetic.


What is this person known for? She is a famous TV hostess. She hosts some famous programmes such as Happy Camp, Advance Bravely, Adult Ceremony and Mango Training Camp. Almost every young person knows her well. She wrote some books such as Na Xie Nian Hua and Na Mo Kuai Le. She also sings and acts.


How and when did you first become aware of this person? When I was in middle school. My classmates were crazy about Happy Camp. And my roommates had kept talking about her all the time. I tried it once and begun to love her and her stage style. Many people said she is too crazy and just like a funny monkey! If you knew what she had experienced, you wouldn’t say that!!!


What’s your favourite thing they’ve done? I love her quote, “Be simple and happy” best. Happy Camp, which she hosts really adds laughter to my days. When you are sad and down it really works to watch her programmes or read her books. Furthermore, recently she hosted an imitation show called BaiBianDaKaKiu.


What qualities in this person do you most admire / do you see in yourself / or are opposite from your character?  She is always upbeat and strong-willed. She has kept working hard so that frequently she only sleeps for 4 or 5 hours a day. But keeping a thanksgiving heart is the quality I most admire. She is always thinking of others who help her, even somebody who behind the scenes who is doing some washing or cleaning.


How would you treat or host your guest? I really want to hold an awards party for her and look back at all the sorrow and pain she ever suffered and all her achievements she has gained.  We could watch movies that she was in and we could sing songs which she wrote. Of course, I want to discuss the books she wrote with her. At the end of the day I want to stand for every young heart to thank her for bringing us so much laughter and active power all the time.


written by Zhu SuoYing


I would like to introduce you to Shi TieSheng


Why do you like this person? He is an excellent writer. I remember he once said his occupation is sick and amateur. He fought against illness and achieved lots of excellent works from a hospital bed. I think he is a person who has tenacious vitality.


What is this person known for? He is known for his works. He is writing his soul and some of his works are about his feeling for his illness but he never gave up, never showed his dissatisfaction about fate and he pays his attention to the common part.


How and when did you first become aware of this person? When I was in junior high school I borrowed a book from my cousin. There are lots of famous proses and when I noticed 我与地坛 (I and the Temple of Earth) I was shocked.


What’s your favourite thing they’ve done? The favourite thing is how he says his occupation is sick, amateur as though the sentence has a little humour but it is the truth.


What qualities in this person do you most admire / do you see in yourself / or are opposite from your character? His attitude toward his illness and his persistence in writing. I think it is the opposite from my character. When I have a cold I feel uncomfortable. I would have a rest and a bad mood and never do anything significant. I should learn from him, whenever doing things significantly and I’ll forget the bad things.


How would you treat or host your guest? I would just talk about some questions about life, about writing and learn from him if possible. I think like him he would not like some entertainment, just some topics about writing, about the thinking of life will be ok.


written by Li HuiQing


I would like to introduce you to Deng Chao.


Why do you like this person? If I like someone, I don’t care what he or she looks like or any other things. I like Deng CHao, to say exactly, I like his character. He is a bold person, brave, confident, not afraid to say what he feels or show his feelings and dares to do anything. If he loves someone he will protect them with his best. He is a real person in my heart. I like people like him.


What is this person known for? He is known for his bravery. He is really brave. He behaves like a scoundrel but he does good things.


How and when did you first become aware of this person? I became aware of Deng Chao when I first saw his TV play Tian Mi Mi in my junior middle school. I also saw a lot of his TV plays and movies. He is really excellent.


What’s your favourite thing they’ve done? I like to see the plot when he takes his girlfriend to do any crazy, dangerous and interesting things in his films He protects her and gives her a lot of care. He values his friendship and protects his brothers with his life.


What qualities in this person do you most admire / do you see in yourself / or are opposite from your character? I admire his character, he is brave but I am rabbit-y. He dares to do anything he wants but I can’t be like him. I feel afraid. I want to be a person like him. Sometimes I think I wish I were a boy.


How would you treat or host your guest? I want to have a seat with him and eat ice cream together.


written by Han MengMeng


We Love / 我们的爱
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